Past Relocations & Jobs

Relocation: Norfolk, VA to Washington, DC

Relocation: Naples, FL to Melbourne, FL

Worry-Free Hurricane Season - Safe Harbor

Relocation: Turtle Bay, KY to St. Paul, MN

Delivery: Tampa, FL to St. Thomas/Puerto Rico

Relocation: Palm Beach, FL to Port Canaveral

Relocation: Daytona Beach, FL to Palmetto, FL

Delivery: Louisiana to Dominican Republic

Relocation: Chesapeake Bay, MD to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to England

Delivery: Palm Beach, FL to Port Washington, NY

Delivery: Cancun, MX to Miami, FL

Captain Services Palm Coast, FL to West End, Bahamas

Schooner “MYSTIC,” Relocation Freeport, Bahamas to Portsmouth, VA, USA -- Master Captain Jim Grigg & Crew