Past Relocations & Projects

Delivery: Virginia to North Carolina

Panama Canal Navigation

Capt. Jack, Ximena, and crew understand very well the effects of the currents at the approach to the sea entrance lock of the Panama Canal. Captain My Captain did an outstanding job navigating through the Canal.  I was highly impressed with their skills and professionalism.  The Canal routinely gets "washing machine whirlpool effects" and the team handled this with aplomb.


I was glad to meet them on board and I highly recommend Captain My Captain for all Panama Canal transports.”


- G. Ostia

Panama Canal Pilot


Delivery: Savannah, GA to Baltimore, MD

Delivery: Port Canaveral, FL to St. Augustine, FL

Relocation: St. Petersburg, FL to Freeport, TX

Relocation: Hollywood, FL to Wilmington, NC

Delivery: Hollywood, FL to Wilmington, NC

Delivery: Tampa, FL to St. Thomas USVI

Delivery: Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Ensenada, Mexico to San Diego, CA

Relocation: Norfolk, VA to Washington, DC

Relocation: Naples, FL to Melbourne, FL

Worry-Free Hurricane Season - Safe Harbor

Relocation: Turtle Bay, KY to St. Paul, MN

Delivery: Tampa, FL to St. Thomas/Puerto Rico

Relocation: Palm Beach, FL to Port Canaveral

Relocation: Daytona Beach, FL to Palmetto, FL

Delivery: Louisiana to Dominican Republic

Relocation: Chesapeake Bay, MD to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to England

Delivery: Palm Beach, FL to Port Washington, NY

Delivery: Cancun, MX to Miami, FL

Captain Services Palm Coast, FL to West End, Bahamas

Schooner “MYSTIC,” Relocation Freeport, Bahamas to Portsmouth, VA, USA -- Master Captain Jim Grigg & Crew